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Self Catering

 Hotel schedules and restaurant meals can be very stressful on mums and dads with tired, irritable, hungry children. After having been away from home for several days, hotel living can become dreary for the little ones. A self catering holiday is the perfect alternative, and the ideal choice for families with young children. You have the freedom to come and go as you please, schedule your days to accommodate the needs of your family, plan and prepare meals, and a place for the children to be children.

For large families or groups, or for extended stays, self catering holidays are a great value for your money. You will not be paying for expensive hotel and restaurant meals, or services you may not use. Most services are per accommodation, so you are not charged additional fees for extra people. Many families will take their holiday with friends, and share the cost of a chalet or hostel. The self catering apartment or chalet is far more comfortable than the confines of a hotel room. The family will have room to move about, children can play without the worries of disturbing other guests, and you can decide what and when to eat.

Not all self catering rentals will have fully equipped kitchens. If you are planning to cook most or all of your meals, you will need to ask how well the kitchen is stocked. It may be lacking some essentials that you will need to bring along. You holiday transport will determine how much you can bring with you. Trains and airlines have luggage restrictions that may prevent you from packing your food processor. However, if you are travelling by car you can most likely bring what you will need for the kitchen, provided there is adequate room for the luggage. Alternatively, you can rent accommodations with a superb kitchen that provides all of the equipment you are accustomed to cooking with.

Castles, fisherman’s cottages, historic mansions, country manor houses, city flats, farm houses and more can be rented for self catering. There is accommodation for every budget and every taste, from the luxurious to the rustic. Self catering is the ideal choice for a stress free, relaxing family holiday.

Self Catering - probably the largest choice of Self Catering in the UK!

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