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 Garden sheds are structures built with the purpose of providing extra storage for gardening supplies or being used as a small workshop. They can either be built as a lean-to attached to another building, or as a free-standing structure. Garden sheds can be built in a variety of sizes and vary significantly in complexity. Typically, private garden sheds are small and uncomplicated, but commercial farm sheds are often built quite large and may even contain large windows and electrical outlets. Some garden sheds have small tin roofs, but the larger designs often include roofing with shingles.

The main advantage of owning a garden shed is convenience. Gardening requires a large assortment of tools, and those who don't enjoy the convenience of a garden shed must constantly run to and fro between the garage or basement of the house. Often, without a garden shed, the gardening supplies will end up disorganized, further increasing the time that must be spent searching for the appropriate tools. This wastes a lot of time that could be spent in the garden. Many gardeners who lack garden sheds also complain that they are always losing their gardening tools. Constantly replacing these tools can be expensive.

When deciding what type of garden shed you need, you will want to evaluate the garden shed's intended purpose, as well as the space and finances available for constructing the garden shed. Most private garden sheds are about 8 X 10 feet, and are rather simple constructions, intended solely for storage purposes. When deciding which size and design is best, be sure to think of the amount of tools and supplies that require storage space, and how you will arrange the shelving and other storage areas in the shed.

You may also want to think about additional features sometimes utilized in garden sheds. These may include ramps, large windows, double doors, or partitioned walls. If you plan to store supplies that are not intended for garden use in your shed, you may want to consider adding partitioned walls. Ramps and double doors add convenience to the process of moving large objects, such as riding lawn mowers, in and out of the garden shed.

Building a shed is a wonderful way to increase storage space and reduce the amount of time spent gathering gardening materials. It is important to plan thoroughly before building a garden shed in order to maximize storage space

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