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Short Breaks

 Even without amassed holiday time or lots of spare cash, you can still get away from your routine with a short break. With the UK’s frequent cool, grey days and its proximity to warm climates, a short break can do just the trick to cure the rainy day blues. Loads of mini holidays are available to cities and beaches just a short flight away. But the UK itself is not to be overlooked: a quick holiday within the UK can rejuvenate your soul and bring you to places you may have never known existed!

A short weekend jaunt can give you renewed strength when work and daily concerns have become just too much. If you must get out of Britain, there are vast options for warmer weather travel. Spain is a particularly popular destination, but beware: you may never come back! The southern coast of Spain and its Mediterranean islands make inexpensive getaways, with flights and accommodation available in packages starting in the low £200s. Popular destinations are the Costa del Sol, Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza – to name just a few. The south of France, Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey make for exotic getaways and offer all-inclusive packages, often at bargain rates, too.

Looking for something more action-packed? City breaks make excellent mini breaks. Outside the UK, Paris is one-stop shopping for a short rendezvous with romance. Visit a museum, stroll along the Seine, take an afternoon café au lait then watch the city light up from the heights of the Eiffel Tower. Prague, Amsterdam, and Rome are more charming cities close by with good food, first-class museums, and enough of a distance so that you’ll feel you’ve taken that much-needed step outside your world. New York has also become a favourite destination from the UK. Pack a long weekend in the Big Apple with Broadway theatre and upscale shopping.

Perhaps, though, that quick holiday jaunt can be found in your own backyard. Sites within the UK should not be overlooked. First and foremost, London is easily accessed, and its world renowned attractions make for a superb city break. Dublin and Edinburgh will likewise reconnect you to history and natural beauty – a great idea for travelling with children. On the other hand, most short breaks mean much-needed R and R. Within the UK are loads of rustic cottages set back in enchanted glens for time alone in nature.

Whether by car, train, plain, or sea, a short holiday far or near can meet anyone’s getaway needs.

Short Breaks - probably the largest choice of Short Breaks in the UK!

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