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Ski Insurance

Skiing and snowboarding are dangerous sports. But, it is the risk that makes it so much fun. Ski insurance is essential, and must provide adequate coverage for lost and damaged equipment, search, rescue and emergency medical treatment. Every year thousands of enthusiasts suffer injuries requiring rescue and immediate medical attention. Rescues can be extremely expensive, especially if they require the use of a helicopter for emergency medical transport. Medical treatment, particularly when travelling abroad, increases the expense to nearly astronomical sums of money. For UK citizens, it is important to know if their national insurance will provide cover in the foreign country they are visiting.

The Ski Club of Great Britain offers ski and snowboarding insurance policies for single trip and annual multi-trip covers at three levels. The Standard Cover includes cover for skiing and snowboarding both on and off piste, with or without a guide as well as cross country skiing, ski touring, recreational racing, snow shoeing, dog sledding, ice skating, curling and tobogganing is available to non Ski Club Members for single trips only. The Super and Executive levels, which are available only to Ski Club Members, can be purchased for single trips and for annual, multi-trip cover with higher claim limits.

In addition to covering trip cancellation or curtailment, ski insurance will cover emergency medical and associated expenses, including extra travel and accommodations, dental treatment, funeral expenses, hospital stays and search and rescue efforts. These covers may be for reasonable expenses or for set limits. Typical personal accident covers are for death benefits, permanent loss of a limb or sight and permanent disability. Additional benefits may include loss or delay or personal possessions including passports, owned and hired sporting equipment, money, personal liability, legal expenses and piste and avalanche closures. Some insurers, such as Travel Insurance and Holiday Insurance, will also cover family members less than 18 years of age for free.

Ski insurance can take the worry out of a winter holiday by providing cover for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sport activities plus equipment. An E111 may help cover medical expenses but it will not help to pay for lost and damaged equipment. Additionally, it may not cover medical expenses at all, depending on the country where the accident, injury, or illness has occurred. Having adequate cover for unexpected events that may arise is the most valuable benefit of travel and ski insurance.

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