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Slow Cookers

Slow Cookers - probably the largest choice of Slow Cookers in the UK!

Many years ago when I lived alone cooking the evening meal was a real chore for me after I'd put in a full day's work and then battled my way home through the traffic -until I discovered slow cookers. It didn't take very long before I used to look forward to walking through my front door every evening to be met by a beautiful warm delicious aroma of perfectly cooked food and it was a real relief when I was tired and harassed to be able to have a nourishing and tasty meal on the table within minutes. That wasn't the only benefit though, I saved a lot of money too because I was able to buy cheaper cuts of meat which were suitable braising or stewing, and the fact is that not only are these cuts much lower in price but they are far more tasty too! Not only did the slow cooking make the meat lovely and tender but it tenderised bones as well, which made it easy to cook Mediterranean dishes like osso bucco (knuckle of veal) which had previously proved very difficult to prepare. Casseroles and stews came into their own, pea soup has never tasted so wonderful and a chicken cooked slowly all day in a curry sauce is a treat to die for!

Now that the credit crunch is starting to affect all of us many people's minds are turning towards economies and a slow cooker can help you save money in the kitchen. Many of us have become accustomed over the last few years or even decades to eating the best cuts of meat and we have forgotten that most of the cheaper cuts are far more tasty than the more expensive ones! The drawback is that these are often a little tougher, and sometimes contains a fair amount of fat and it is commonly acknowledged that eating too much animal fat is bad for us. That may or may not be true, but if you cook these cheaper cuts in your slow cooker the meat will tenderise beautifully and most of the fat will separate away from the meat and float to the surface where it can be easily scooped off. This way you will not only have the convenience of a meal ready for you as soon as you walk through the door in the evening, not only will you have a more delicious and nutritious dinner to look forward to, but you will also save money into the bargain! It can't be bad can it.

The best way to buy a slow cooker is to first of decide what sort of budget you have in mind, and how big you want it to be -- there is no point in getting one which would be too big for your purposes and would result in a lot of wasted food. The next step would be to look through our directory of slow cookers on the left, where you will find many stockists and a wide choice of products in all price ranges. After all, what is the point of getting your car off the drive, driving down to the car park, paying an extortionate parking fee, walking to the shops, searching for a shop assistant who is prepared to talk to you, choosing from a tiny selection and then returning home through the usual traffic jam when you could just order the best one for your purposes online, and it would be delivered straight to your door at, probably, a much lower price than you would pay retail! A win win situation.

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