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Whether you are daytrading or investing for long-term growth and security, acting on your own behalf or on that of an investment club, you will need the services of a stockbroker to, at the very least, buy or sell securities on your behalf and as in all other matters you generally get what you pay for. Some clients prefer to deal with the broker who can offer good impartial advice backed up with hard cold facts about proposed investments, some feel that they are competent enough to decide on their investment strategies themselves and so they look for the cheapest possible dealing costs, which they can get online since a number of share dealing websites exist which are fully automated and therefore have the lowest possible overheads. A good broker should not only have access to the UK and American markets but also those in Europe and the Far East as well and should be in a position to give you good sound advice about matters like corporate bonds, exchange traded funds, covered warrants, investment trusts, exchange traded funds, etc etc. most major stockbrokers have an online and telephone presence as well as more personal services; as a rule of thumb the bigger they are the more they are going to charge you but it is as well to remember that you could be risking very considerable funds and the Internet for all its benefits is still a jungle with many predators in it so due caution should be exercised when dealing with companies that you are not familiar with, particularly if their prices happened to be very low indeed!


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