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When people think of paper streamers, their first memory may be colourful pieces of paper hung around the house at a child's birthday party. Paper streamers are a common party decoration and work wonderfully at a wedding. Because they are so versatile and come in a variety of colours, paper streamers are almost a necessity for adding the finishing touches to wedding decorations and the wedding reception.

Starting with the overall theme of the wedding, it is important to choose the colour of the paper streamers first. A popular choice is to use white streamers and one or two other colours found in the main decorations or in the wedding dress itself. Pastel colours, such as light yellow and violet, work well with white. Pink, red, and white play off the Valentine's Day colour scheme and express love. Simply using white and silver or gold can lend a classical and more traditional feel to a wedding ceremony.

The archway is a prime target for streamers. There is a difference between decoration with streamers and hanging them on the wall, as you may have seen at a child's party. Tacking a streamer onto the wall to flutter freely doesn't create a charming atmosphere. The streamers should be attached to one end of the arch and twisted both around the arch and around in circles to give the streamer shape before attaching to the other end. After the first streamer is attached, a second and third streamer are added and braided or twisted around each other.

Streamers also function for decorating chairs. Tie a large, loose bow made from several streamers around the edge of a chair to mark rows and add colour. Streamers tied to poles can mark the aisles. This is especially helpful for an outdoor wedding where it may be unclear where the aisle is. It helps guests find their way around more easily and ensures that a nervous bride can find where she's going.

For the wedding reception, streamers can be added to the backs of chairs, the edges of tables, and around doorways. They can even be hung from walls and draped around windows like makeshift curtains. Because they are so simple, they provide the perfect touch of elegance to transform a room without taking away from the other wedding decorations. Match the streamers and decorations, and you'll have a breathtaking wedding for a fraction of the cost.

Streamers - probably the largest choice of Streamers in the UK!

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