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Student Home Insurance

Choosing Student Home Contents Coverage

University should be a time for students to have a great time, enjoy every experience and get educated. It should not be a time for hassles, worry and stress. The typical university residence hall is busy, sociable and full of life. Unfortunately, the reality of living with dozens of other people in a residence hall environment is that it is easy for thieves to steal your belongings. And it happens all too often. The same goes for flats and other shared accommodations. You cannot always trust those around you and if something happens, you want to be covered.

Theft is not the only consideration to be aware of. Floods, storms and fire might seem like an unlikely occurrence, but there is a reason the insurance exists - because, unfortunately, disasters do happen. And you do not want to be left without any of your necessary possessions when you are away from home and trying to study because they got destroyed or stolen and you decided not to purchase student home contents coverage.

While the contents of computers, phones, televisions, video game consoles and wallets are not easily replaceable, with student home content insurance, at least you can be financially reimbursed for your loss and start to build your possessions all over again.


Click here for a student home insurance quote at the online price.

Depending on the level of insurance you purchase and who you buy it from, expect coverage to start at only around 15 a month for a new policy (and, let's face it - that is only the equivalent of a few drinks). You can also check with your parents to see if your circumstances can be built in to their existing home contents coverage: Sometimes policies can be combined or expanded. When moving in to new accommodation, you should check to see if, in fact, your landlord/university actually includes some level of insurance for you.

For first time policy buyers there are many places to start looking for coverage. Listed below are some recommended Web sites to start your search.

* Endsleigh Insurance
* l
* E-Insurance Directory
* E&L
* Barclays Student Possessions


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