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Sun Care

 Most people are aware of the sun's harmful UV rays and use the necessary products to avoid skin damage. An SPF minimum of at least 15 has been proven to reduce the signs of early skin aging. Reapplication of sunscreen needs to be used every 40 minutes for best sun protection and especially after swimming. Skin cancer is on the rise and a higher SPF is most beneficial to avoid the chance of having one of the various forms of skin cancer. Zinc oxide products give a total sun block protection that is used on noses and other sensitive and prominent areas of the face. Sunscreen for sensitive areas around the eyes can be applied that are PABA free and won't irritate the eyes. Special lip sunscreen will reduce the risk of sun burn on this very sensitive area.

Some may choose the route of covering up when playing under the sun. Special suits are designed to block the sun's damaging rays without having to use sunscreen. These lightweight mesh bathing suits are made like a one piece body suit. They dry quickly and protect all areas of the body, neck, arms, and legs. Many adults, teens, and children are sporting these suits that are comfortable yet tackle the problem of sunburn. Protecting eyes is another area of concern that sunglasses are designed to block the harmful UV rays. Paediatricians are urging parents of newborns to protect the health of their eyes with specially designed eyewear that has an attached wrap around head band for comfort and safety. Australian style hats with a wide brim and a back flap that covers the neck adds to the many products available for skin care when enjoying a sunny day.

Whether you take the route of sunscreen or sun block attire, both methods are good defences in keeping your skin healthy and reducing the chances of skin cancer. Premature skin aging is another reason to use sunscreen, sun block clothing, or both. Too much sun will cause dark splotchy patches of skin when sun overexposure has done its damage. Fifteen minutes of sunlight a day is recommended for a healthy body but only when the body is protected from the sun's harmful rays in one of several ways.

Sun Care - probably the largest choice of Sun Care in the UK!

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