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 UK property surveyors are highly trained professionals who have been trained to offer expert advice to both commercial interests and private individuals on all areas of property and construction. Areas of expertise can include construction design, building works, and conservations of historic buildings. From the project's beginning, the surveyor works with the client, determining his needs, inspecting the site, and developing a brief. Surveyors provide advice on construction costs, timetables, and necessary legal approvals, selecting other consultants such as engineers or designer, and the condition of existing property.

Property surveyors can prepare design sketches, prepare contract specifications, submit applications to local authorities, provide advice on legislative issues, and obtain work prices. The surveyor administers the contract to ensure that standards and obligations are met.

Property surveyors can also provide a building survey regarding condition or any defects, as well as suggested remedies, the need for specialist investigation, or projected future maintenance liability. Property surveyors can prepare a maintenance programme and recommend preventative maintenance. For insurance claims, a property surveyor can assess of the cost of replacing a damaged building, as well as liaising with the insurer or loss adjuster. The surveyor can serve as either an arbitrator or as an expert witness in the event of a dispute.

Most construction work requires a Planning Supervisor for health and safety considerations. A property surveyor can ensure that the Health and Safety Plan is followed, and develop a Health and Safety File for future use, ensuring compliance with building safety regulations.

Surveyors also serve as Project Manager and Employer’s Agent for large projects, coordinating the design team and providing advice on construction issues. Other services can also include approving of construction plans, acting as an Approved Inspector, comparing proposed plans and work on-site to ensure that they comply with the Building Act and Building Regulations, working with local authority building control, surveying a property to see if it meets the Disability Discrimination Act, and providing energy efficiency advice.

In short, regardless of the size of your project, a property surveyor can provide invaluable assistance, helping you save money in the long run through expert advice on a variety of topics, from maintenance, insurance claims, and building regulations.

Surveyors - probably the largest choice of Surveyors in the UK!

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