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 Swimming and Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, you are not alone. According to the NHS Information centre, sixty-five per cent of men and fifty-six per cent of women are overweight in the United Kingdom. A healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is hard to come by, as you probably well know after years of trying. And although you know full well that regular exercise would help you achieve it, you may think exercise is terribly unpleasant. If this sounds like you, then consider giving swimming a whirl.

Swimming is wonderful for weight loss, because not only does it work more of your muscles than most sports, but it also fools you into thinking you are not exercising. Your body sweats as much as it would with any other sport, but you hardly notice it in the cool of the water. Meanwhile, as the quiet world beneath the surface envelops you, you find yourself in a peaceful state of calm and reflection.

Non-swimmers may have to ease into the sport. Try starting with just two or three laps to start, and then work your way up to four after a few days. If you detest exercise, then pushing it in the water may feel too much like work, and you won’t stick with it. But swimming is fun if it comes easily, and the more you swim, the easier it gets. Swimming routinely will help you build the muscle strength, tone, and the lung capacity to improve in the sport. The more laps you are able to complete, the more your proficiency will increase, and the more success you will see toward your weight loss goals.

Swimming is even more fun with a friend or a group, and your proficiency will increase more profoundly if you do it correctly. Therefore, consider signing up for a swimming class. A class will provide with instruction for proper swimming technique, a group with which to swim, and a regular swimming schedule. This tactic has the added benefit of making you feel guilty if you choose not to attend, particularly if you are paying for the class.

Whatever your weight loss goals, you can get there more quickly with exercise. Finding exercise that is fun and does not feel like work is the key to doing it regularly. Try swimming on for size, and perhaps you will find yourself finally able to shed a size or two.

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