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 There are many different kinds of tables available on the market in the UK today, and the specific table which best suits an individual customer will vary depending on what their needs are: what room the table is to be kept in, the use of the table, the height of the people using the table, and the length of time the owner plans to use the table for.

There are end tables, which sit beside sofas and chairs in living room situations, and bedside tables, which serve a similar purpose but in the bedroom. Dining tables for kitchens are generally smaller and seat fewer people than large dining tables which are used for formal meals. There are also tables which serve as organizational or storage areas, card tables, and more.

Each sort of table has its advantages and disadvantages, although the disadvantages become more apparent when one tries to use a table constructed for one purpose in order to fulfil another.

A good example of this is a coffee table. In some smaller apartments, individuals will try to use a coffee table to double as a dining table, either because they do not have such a table in the kitchen or dining room, or because their apartment is simply too small and they entertain too infrequently to require a purpose-built dining table. The advantage to using a coffee table as a dining table is that it is designed to allow people to have small, intimate discussions over hors d'ouevres, so there are times (when serving tapas, for example) when this is an appropriate way to entertain. Disadvantages, however, arrive when one tries to serve a more formal meal which involves place settings or multiple courses; in these cases a full dining table with room to keep dishes on the table and pass food from person to person might be required.

Finally, paying attention to the materials used in the construction of your table is important, since this can affect both price and the amount of time the table is likely to last. Tables made of metal and/or glass often have longer lives (barring breakage from sudden trauma) and this is reflected in the price. Well made wooden tables are also more expensive. Cheap tables made of plastic or inexpensive wood usually have a limited lifetime, but offer ideal solutions for college students and others who are likely to move often.

Tables - probably the largest choice of Tables in the UK!

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