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Tank Driving

 The ground quakes underneath the mighty threads that pound the Earth and soil underneath them as an artificial monster approaches. Crawling along the grime beneath it, nothing can stand in the way of the leviathan as it dares anything to come into contact with it. There is no man that does not thrill for the sense of adventure that can only be brought from being behind the controls of a fifteen tonner metal behemoth.

Of course, outside of the military, the opportunities for engaging in such an activity are few and far between. If one were seen rumbling through Piccadilly Circus with a Chieftain main battle tank, they would stick out like a sore thumb. Tank driving sports holidays, however, make this dream possible for the common man to achieve.

Considering that most people have driven nothing more powerful than an average car or lorry, being jacked in behind an engine that generates power in excess of 700 horsepower is an adrenaline rush unlike any other. The thrill of controlling an FV423, the mainstay of Britain’s armoured personnel carriers, is a once in a lifetime experience.

Perhaps an Abbott FV433 self-propelled gun is on the roster of the arena that offers the service. Think of relieving the Royal Artillery’s movements around a combat situation scattered across any of the many territories of the Commonwealth. There are even some situations in which tank-driving arenas have allowed for games of paintball to be played between participants in the tank driving activities.

Many arenas also provide for a varied lay in the land. The land may be laid out in the way that dirt tracks are designed for other sports such as quad biking or motocross. Of course, tank driving is a far cry from these other sports. Instead of being exposed on a small off road motorcycle, the participants are within some of the largest vehicles that ply the land.

Tank driving is a rare experience. The arenas that offer this sport are, by their nature, few and far between. They are generally located away from other venues so that they might not interfere with other forms of more conventional business. Of course, the same could be said again for a sport such as motocross, and this is not a phenomenon that is unique to tank driving. However, for those that do have such an option they are sure to provide an experience one will never forget.

Tank Driving - probably the largest choice of Tank Driving in the UK!

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