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Teaching Jobs

Are Teaching Jobs a Calling or a Career?

There are many reasons to consider going into the profession of teaching. Not only do you get to explore your interests, but you get to transmit that information to active young minds. Working with children is very exciting in general and teaching jobs allow you to enjoy the many facets of children, from the energy to the curiosity. Besides, as the saying goes, the teacher often learns as much as the student.

Almost all teaching jobs require a basic college degree. Teachers generally major in some form of education but can minor in other specialties, such as math, the arts or physical education. The entry level pay for teaching jobs is very competitive to other fields when you consider the amount of holiday time that is allowed and also the benefits offered. Most teachers qualify for good health insurance and have a retirement plan as part of their benefit package. Also, as teachers gain more tenure, their pay and flexibility increases. Today, many schools are open to non traditional arrangements like job sharing and flex time.

Teaching jobs are not for the faint of heart. Working with kids can be difficult! Today's generation is more challenging than ever. They question everything and require a firm hand and patient attitude. These complaints seem to increase the older the children are. Preschool age children are easier to discipline than the middle grades, for example. Also, it can be very challenging to work with parents. They are often uninvolved in their children's education or, in contrast, can be overly concerned about every aspect of your classroom style. However, a good teacher will flourish and get a great deal of satisfaction out of rising to and meeting these circumstances.

While most teaching jobs are available in the public school, there are many more options as well. Private schools are a good choice. The specific pay and benefits will, however, be determined by each individual school board, so make sure that you are clear on the details before applying for the position. Also, if you love working with young children, you can find work at a preschool or daycare center. In this field, there are entry level positions that will allow you to gain experience for better paying opportunities. You may also want to look into tutoring, which you can also do without a teaching degree. Finally, if you don't feel qualified to deal with the challenges that teaching a child brings, consider working at a University or specialized training centre.

Besides being a good profession, teaching is very much a calling. Facing the challenges that it entails takes dedication and skill. However, that can make teaching jobs very fulfilling. Whenever you can make your life's work something you really love, that is a good thing.


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