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 Tent camping can be wonderful or miserable. At its best, you're warm and dry, whether on a remote back-packing trip or close to civilization in a developed camping area. At the worst, you are cold, trapped in your tent by rain, even enduring leaks in your tent. The difference between these two trips is not necessarily lucky weather. After all, you can experience rainy weather in the UK on any camping trip. The difference is having the proper equipment.

First, you need the right tent. If you are back-packing, you need a small, lightweight tent that compacts into a small bundle. If you are car camping, you can take a small tent just large enough to hold the parties of your trip, or you can bring one that will hold all your gear. Some even have optional dividing walls in case you are camping with children or another couple and want privacy. Others may offer a screened porch or divided room for your bags. Modern tents are really only limited by your budget and the amount of room you have to pack the tent. Also, if you are camping in a developed campground, make sure that the camp site has enough room to hold an oversized tent, if that is the option you choose.

Besides the size of the tent, you will encounter many different shapes of tents. There are family dome tents, scouting group tents, performance dome tents, family frame tents, among others. Tents can sleep as few as 1 or 2 campers, or a whole scout troup. Tents can be made of nylon, canvas, or cotton, depending on your needs.

Once you have selected your perfect tent, make sure you have the rest of your necessary keep to keep comfortable, warm, and dry. Sleeping bags are a must in colder weather, while warm weather may allow you to just carry a bed roll. Sleeping bags are designed for different temperature requirements, with thin lightweight sleeping bags made for moderate temperatures, or heavy "mummy" bags designed for the coldest, damp nights. There are even portable propane heaters available to warm your tent on chilly evenings (be sure to follow the safety instructions carefully), or you can heat rocks in the campfire, place them in a heatproof container, and use them to warm your tent.

Now that you have all the proper equipment, have fun on your tent camping trip!

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