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 Toaster Options Today

Toasters have come quite a long way in the last several decades. While there were once only the old style 2-slice models, today you will find numerous options of all types. Below you'll find a list of the best selling toasters today, with some information on the features of each.

The 2-slice toaster: This is the most traditional model. It contains slots for 2 slices of bread and has a timer with a pop-up mechanism.

The 4-slice toaster: This model is near identical to the 2-slice toaster, only differing in that it has slots for 4 slices of bread.

The 8-slice toaster: This toaster is, like the previous two, a traditional model which has a timer with a pop-up mechanism. This model can hold up to 8 slices of bread. This toaster and similar smaller ones are the best choices for fast evenly done toast.

Extra wide slot toaster: Toasters in this group usually have 2 slots, and occasionally 4. The slots are extra wide and are able to accommodate such things as bagels and scones. Some of these toasters also have adjustable slots. These wide slot toasters are the best choice if you have bagels frequently and have little use for a traditionally sized toaster.

Toaster ovens: This type of toaster is actually a hybrid of a toaster and a small oven. While it is possible to toast bread, crumpets, scones, and other such items with this, it is most utilised for its oven abilities. Toasting bread takes a good bit longer with toaster ovens than it does with other toasters. This type of toaster is best suited for those who appreciate the unique taste of oven toasted bread and have the extra time to spend on preparation.

Toaster with added features: Toasters of this type are able to toast bread, muffins, scones, crumpets, bagels, and even some more unusual foods such as hash browns and waffles. Such toasters are commonly equipped with frozen buttons which you can use when cooking foods such as frozen waffles. While these are among the most versatile toasters, they function best when used for their primary function of toasting bread.

With all the toasters and toaster oven variations on the market today you are sure to find one which will please both your pocket and your palette.

Toasters - probably the largest choice of Toasters in the UK!

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