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UK Training Options

Training is a very important component for a business. Training employees on specific procedures, customer service, or human resource rules and information provides employees with up-to-date knowledge. Successful training helps employees and management succeed at their jobs and this is an absolute must for a companyís success. There are several training company options for UK based business.

Distance Learning

Companies such as Learndirect offer students flexibility with their training. Training can be taken at the Learndirect centres but can also be taken remotely which is perfect for those who prefer distance learning. Learndirect offer course interactive self-paced modules on various business, training related topics.

Distance Learning Centre is another UK based centre that offers specific training courses. Again, these courses are self-paced and can be taken from the comfort of a studentís home or even in the workplace. Many work-related topics are available such as Executive Office Skills, Customer Service Excellence and Business Finance.

Leadership Training

Specific leadership skills training is available through Ignite, a UK firm which specializes in team and personal leadership workshops. Talent Development workshops are available to help build strong teams and coaching services are available for individuals. The training can be taken in a single day or broken down into one or two hour workshops. Leadership programmes are available for those who want to increase their leadership potential or become effective managers. Programmes are broken down into workshops to cover a host of management skills. Programmes are also available in 6-12 month increments to train people on specific objectives and core competencies.

If specific coaching is required to develop personal goals and objectives, Ignite also has specific coaching programmes. A Certificate in Coaching Programme is also available through partnership with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Other UK Training Options

Pearson Education is a world-wide learning programme which offers eLearning modules and also has offices in the UK and 30 other countries. Pearson offers extensive learning and training tools to individuals.

Maegis LTD offers IT, Management Training, Accounting and Website design courses. One can also receive their Microsoft Certification Training by taking the required coursework through Maegis and then testing at Prometric Test Centre in cooperation with Maegis. Possessing a Microsoft Certification may increase the ability to receive IT jobs or advance up through a company's ranks.


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