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Travel Accident Insurance

What is Travel Accident Insurance?

Travel accident insurance is a type of limited insurance contact that provides financial coverage for certain accidents in the event that something unfortunate happens while an insured individual is travelling. While there are different types of travel accident insurance available, most of them offer coverage primarily for the very high cost results of a serious accident in which a person looses their eye sight, a limb or their life. Travel accident insurance is typically offered by major credit card companies as an additional form of protection for their customer, but other similar insurance contracts can also be obtained by some insurance agencies.

Who Needs Travel Accident Insurance?

It is important to note that health insurance simply covers the expenses of treating a person's injuries or illness. They do not cover the additional costs such as loss of income and permanent impairment or disfigurement. If serious injuries are sustained to a person while they are travelling abroad, they may be unable to stay in the country long enough to seek cover for damages in court. Depending on where in the world the accident took place, there may not even be an effective court system for seeking legal claims or a party with the resources to pay damages. Travel accident insurance provides coverage for the risk of the unthinkable occurring through an accident while a person is travelling the form a lump sum of money stipulated in the insurance contract.

What Does Travel Accident Insurance Cover?

It is important to note that travel accident insurance only covers the expenses incurred from damage to the insured person sustained through an accident that occurred while travelling. It is does not cover the additional coverage of damages to property belonging to the insured person or any other party, nor do most contracts provide protection if injuries occur to other individuals when the insured person is at fault. In addition to travel accident insurance, there are other forms of travel insurance that provide coverage for other expenses incurred while travelling. Travel protection insurance can cover a full range of expenses from the cancellation or delay of flights to medical evacuations, while travel medical coverage provides health insurance if you are travelling abroad where there are no medical providers available under your regular health insurance. Travel accident insurance typically only covers the expenses of very traumatic injuries and is a form of risk management that is useful if you are travelling to a particularly dangerous corner of the globe.

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