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Travel Guides

How to Find a Good Travel Guide

Finding a good travel guide that has enough information about a place can be a frustrating experience. Most travel guides seem to do a dreadful job explaining where to eat, where to stay, or what you can do for fun when you arrive. To make matters worse, much of the information found in most travel guides is obsolete. It’s very frustrating to make a trip all the way out to London only to find out that the hotel you wanted to stay at is now closed. This makes finding a good travel guide quite valuable to serious travellers.

Here are some suggestions that might help travellers find a quality travel guide. They are based on a fair amount of experience travelling to different spots in the U.K. Maybe these suggestions can help you find what you are looking for?

If you're using an Internet travel guide, try to visit your destination’s official tourism website first.
Most cities and countries these days have great websites that promote their tourism industries. These websites are great travel guides because they contain current information about restaurants, about places to visit and about lodging options. They also contain links that can help find answers to other questions you may have about the destination. As a result, they can save you a lot of time and aggravation. To find these websites, use your favourite search engine and type in the keywords “tourism”, “travel” and your destination’s name.

In addition, ask your local travel agency for travel guides.
Why not ask your local travel agency for information about your destination? All good travel agencies will carry a huge selection of quality travel guides. These guides are loaded with current information about an area’s local customs, special events and much more. As a result, they can supplement the information found on good websites. Travel agencies will happily honour such queries for information because they realize it’s good for business. However, they often provide these guides without obligation to anyone who asks.

Finally, check your local bookshop for the latest pocket travel guides.
Most bookshops have a good selection of pocket travel guides. They make handy items to carry with you because they often have suggestions about where to eat or where to stay that other guides can’t match.

If you’re planning on using one of these guides, please try to find one that’s as current as possible. Because cities and countries change often, most of the information found in these “mini” guides quickly becomes obsolete. Therefore, try to find a guide that was published within the last year. This will ensure that the information is as current as possible.


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