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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance isn't complicated, however, it can be tedious shopping for the correct cover. Since travel especially leisure travel is an occasional activity, finding a single trip policy to provide cover is a fairly routine process. Complications arise with multiple-trips, multiple-travellers, gap cover for sabbaticals, specialised seasonal cover and other considerations.

The absolute easiest way to acquire a prodigious amount of cover which is virtually all-inclusive and 24/7/365 for a known fixed price is to simply use or upgrade an existing asset: the American Express to the Platinum level. Notwithstanding the other benefits, AMEX is itself a major (one of the top 10) insurance providers. If the traveller takes trips as a significant part of their employment, or is a business owner, there is virtually no excuse not to have the AMEX Platinum card. They have offices world-wide and all that is required to initiate a claim is a phone call. As AMEX puts it: We find the most effective treatment for an illness or accident abroad is to throw money at it. The annual cost of an AMEX Platinum is about 300

If that level of coverage is not required, then there are at least two dozen reputable UK-qualified insurance providers with a variety of plans, from students taking a single trip to seniors taking 120 day world cruises. Prices start from less than 11 provided that there are no medical issues.

Pay particular attention to the type and reason for your travel. There are specialised policies for golf, for example, that include cover for lost or stolen golf clubs; winter sports cover which can replace ski equipment; and, tropics cover for SCUBA gear loss and so forth.

The areas of travel cause some slight modifications to rates. UK-area-only is the least expensive. UK-EU and Worldwide covers are common but travel to the USA where healthcare is expensive can cost a lot more.

When it is time to actually acquire the cover, be watchful and search for discounts and promotional codes. These generally can reduce the price 10%, which can put a good nick in the VAT.

Using the internet is the best option for locating and securing a travel insurance policy. A little due diligence and spending an hour or two behind the keys can result in significant savings. Many consolidation sites exist which can set up policy comparison in benefits and price in table form, making shopping for travel insurance an almost pleasant pastime.

If the traveller is anticipating taking more than three unaccompanied trips or two accompanied vacations, consider securing a year-long policy.

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