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 Advances in UK utilities

Utilities available in the UK are the same as all over the world. Utilities are defined as a commodity or service that is provided by a utility provider. This includes water, gas, electric, fuel, telephones,wastewater, and even public transportation. Over the last few decades some of the choices for these utilities have increased, especially since the emergence of "green" technology.

There are now new technologies in energy to both save energy and renew it. The Renewable Energy Centre is a good place to check out online for UK residents to get more information in regards to companies that deal with these types of new energy systems. You can find information on companies that have programs that can reduce carbon emissions in the home, as well as information on solar water heating, generating electricity from the sun, ground source heating, and more.

One advance in UK utilities that is quite interesting is the idea of Rainwater Harvesting. Using rain water that has fallen on one's roof can now be used as a free resource. With rainwater harvesting equipment someone can use the rainwater to reduce their water usage, thus saving money on their water bill. This will also give someone's property Eco-Homes rating points and helps prevent flood risks. Since rainwater is also free of chlorine and has a balanced Ph, it is also better for your plants. There are two types of these systems. Header Tank Systems are installed in the loft and are highly reliable. When rain water is scarce it can easily revert to the mains water supply. This system is also an inexpensive and easy one to use. The other system is a Direct Pump System. These are more complex and cost more and do not require a loft tank, and can be used for more complex things such as car wash equipment.

Another utility advancement that is now available comes in the form of small scale wind power used to generate electricity. There is more usable wind power in the UK than in any other European country. These vary in size and can be used to provide electricity for both houses and businesses. There are two types of these as well which are vertical axis and horizontal axis.

As you can see there are advancements in UK utilities that can provide savings on both energy and money to people who decide to take advantage of this new technology. These are only a few of the types of new technology that is available today. Domestic hydroelectric systems and reusing waste water and sewage treatment are just a few more examples of how far we have come in the advancement of utilities. Not only can we now save money with many of these innovations, but we can save the entire UK on power with these technologies as well.

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