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Vacuum Cleaners

It is amazing how many vacuum cleaners are available on the UK market. The market has been so flooded with competition that choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you has become more than just a tough choice, but almost impossible without a little guidance. If you follow a few simple principles, however, you will find yourself making the right choice. The bottom line is that you need to select the type of vacuum cleaner that best represents your needs as an individual.

Surprisingly enough, vacuum cleaners can run from being very inexpensive to costing a small fortune. The thing is, you really do get what you pay for and the vacuum cleaner you purchase will mirror how much you spent on it. On the lower end of the spectrum, Electrolux makes a very reasonable vacuum called the Superbroom. It is ultra-light and very efficient, and is perfect for cleaning up small areas such as apartments or dorm rooms. Many people look to these types of vacuums because they are sufficient for most peoples' needs and will not run them into the poor house. Some sites offer this particular vacuum for less than 25.

The problem with vacuums such as this one is that they are very basic and offer practically no amenities. If you are looking to purchase something with a little more power and accessibility, you may want to step up to something like a Bosch cylinder vacuum. These are much more robust when it comes to features and attachments, and are generally more powerful than any of the lower-end vacuums on the market. They tend to sell for approximately 100, but if you do a lot of heavy cleaning and have a large home, it may very well be worth your while to look into a model such as this.

Once you move up past the Bosch, you're basically looking at models that are a bit more powerful, but also contain more frills. For instance, the Dyson Upright Ball model sells for almost 200, but is revolutionary in design as it pivots on a single ball and is extremely intuitive to use. Aside from this somewhat niche feature, it is also an extremely powerful vacuum and is more than enough to get the job done for just about any home user.

In the end, choosing the right vacuum for you comes down to your living situation - and your expectations.

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