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Van Hire

 Whether you want to hire a van for a local outing or for an extended holiday, there are options available to fit your needs and your budget. Car hire companies offer whatever you need, whether you are shifting a load, moving belonging to or from storage, or moving home. Self-drive van hires can be very low cost, and many car hire companies will also offer one-way rentals if you simply need to move goods to a distant location.

There are a variety of van sizes available to meet your needs, as well as minibuses or larger lift-vans. Most companies will offer different rates for weekdays, holidays, weekends, or extended hire terms. If you are moving home, you may be unsure what size van you really need. You don't want to hire too large a van, as that can increase both your hire and your petrol expenses. On the other hand, you want to be sure you have enough load capacity. There are many load calculators available online which can help you determine the ideal van size for your move. These calculators let you input either the number of large items you are moving (such as appliances), the number of rooms, or the size of your home in square meters.

One factor to consider when hiring a van is insurance. Make sure you know what your personal auto insurance will cover for a van hire, and what it won't. This way you can avoid paying unnecessary additional fees for your van hire if your personal policy is sufficient, or you can choose the insurance offered by the hire company if your own insurance won't cover your hire.

When driving your hire van, there are a few safety considerations to keep in mind. Even a small van is considerably higher than a car, and they have a much larger turn radius. Allow for the added length if you are manoeuvring in tight conditions, especially when reversing. Especially when hauling heavy loads, travel slower than you do in a car, as braking will take longer. The blind spots of a van will be different from your car. Be aware of this when passing other vehicles or changing lanes.

Van Hire - probably the largest choice of Van Hire in the UK!

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