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Van Insurance

Finding quality van insurance can seem overwhelming sometimes. There are a large number of insurance providers all claiming to be the best and the cheapest but what services are being offered?

For the most part, the extent of the services depends on how much you are willing to pay. The most basic insurance cover option, and the least expensive, generally protects the insurance holderís liability if they are at fault for the bodily injury or death of a third party or for third party property damage. Third party also includes any other occupants in the van.

A step up in van insurance includes the basic cover plus cover for fire and theft. There are variations in this level of cover as some companies will cover theft of the van as well as the contents. Other companies only cover the theft of the van.

Total cover includes everything already mentioned as well as personal cover in the event of an accident resulting in bodily injury or death. Often it will cover the loss or repair of the van from the damage accrued from an accident. Cover for the theft of the vanís contents may be increased in this level of insurance. Legal fees and temporary van replacement should also be covered.

Many insurance companies will offer cover for your van if you temporarily use it abroad. However, you should make the insurance company aware that you will need this cover ahead of time as the paper work may take several weeks to go through.

Most companies now offer online quotes for easy cost comparisons. The cost of insurance varies widely between companies and some offer 10-15% discounts on their services. There are deciding factors that many companies will use to determine the cost of your insurance. The most obvious factors include the age and size of the van, the number of vans needing cover by one individual or business, the distance the van will travel per year and the age of the driver.

Other deciding factors may include the safety of the area where the van will be stored. Some insurance companies may require that the contents of the van be removed at night to deter theft. Also, if the van is used to move hazardous goods, the amount it can carry may be limited.

Reputable companies that offer van insurance include Direct Line, Lloyds TSB, Aviva, Budget Insurance and many more..

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