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Vehicle Hire

 When visiting Great Britain for a vacation or on business, seeing the sights by car is a great way to learn about the local culture and people.

Renting a car for a few days to a few weeks can fit well into a budget since many car hire companies are offering great deals.

The minimum age to hire a car varies by company and is between twenty-one and twenty-three. A license issued by a ECA country or an International Driverís permit is required at the time of rental.

Car rental companies offer the choice of small, family or luxury cars. The rental price will depend on the size of the car being hired. Some companies offer extras such as child car seat or storage racks. It is advisable to make arrangements for these items when initially renting the car. Most car rental companies offer insurance and emergency roadside assistance as part of the rental package, but some do not. This must be clarified at the beginning of the trip since it is inadvisable to drive without insurance.

When picking up a car, it should be checked for prior damages. If any are found, they should be pointed out to the company to prevent from being charged a fee later. Before driving off, make sure the return time is clearly understood. If a car is returned late, an additional fee, sometimes an entire dayís rental, is added to the cost.

The approximate cost to rent a small car for seven days is £140. A medium car will go for £250, while a luxury vehicle can cost up to £290. If driving in central London, a daily congestion surcharge of £8 may be added.

Another way to see England is by motorcycle or scooter. The minimum age requirement is 17 years for a scooter and 25 years for a motorcycle.

To hire a motorcycle, the renter will need a valid motorcycle license and a valid ID. Hiring a scooter requires a regular category ĎPí driverís license and a form of ID.
Insurance is needed to ride a motorcycle. Since it is not included in all rental packages, it is important to check. Most rental companies also offer a helmet, but, as in the case of insurance, this needs to be verified beforehand.

The cost of a 7-day scooter rental is approximately £130. A small motorcycle will cost up to £195. Large motorcycles can be rented for £420, with some classic models being even more expensive.

Once the proper vehicle has been found and hired, there is nothing left to do but to roam the British countryside and enjoy all it has to offer.

Vehicle Hire - probably the largest choice of Vehicle Hire in the UK!

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