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Video Recorders

 There are a seemingly endless number of reasons why one would want to capture a recording. A common instance during which video is often taken is at a family gathering. It might take the form of a family reunion, or perhaps the birth of a new child into the family. Video electronics consumers are finding more solemn applications for their video recorders as well. The communications revolution is helping to ensure that all citizens have voices; each individual can essentially have their own video channel, accessible from anyone with an internet connection the world over. Pair this with high-quality yet affordable camcorders that allow them to hit the streets as full-fledged citizen journalists and you have a recepie for an information revolution!

Today's recording devices are even so small that they can be hidden discretely for home security and surveillance purposes. These types of cameras have increasingly been used during traffic stops and arrests by the accused violators; they benefit from the video's ability to capture evidence of what actually took place during the encounter. Without this information it becomes the word of the officer against the word of the accused. Instances of corruption or the abuse of citizen's rights have often been brought to light when a video recorder was used in this way.

The ability to capture events on video has in decades past been reserved for those with a significant amount of excess capital to spend. The cost of the hardware necessary to do so was prohibitively expensive for the average person, while at the same time the functionality of video recorders was extremely limited when compared to what is available today. They were bulkier and more difficult to use, certainly by no means portable. To top it all off, the larger, heavier batteries suffered from an anemic capacity and longer recharge times. The commitment that the typical person needs to make today is quite small in comparison. Quality camcorders can be obtained with a very low monetary commitment, while their ease of use and portability ensure that the mental and physical commitments required to shoot quality video are similarly lightened. While a typical grandmother in her later years might have been too weak to hold an old VHS camera or perhaps too technologically illiterate to quickly learn to use the controls, there are video recorders available today that are smaller than many mobile phones. Many of them have one-touch recording interfaces that truly couldn't be any simpler.

Soon there won't be any excuse not to own a recording device, as they will be so affordable and useful. One never knows when it might suddenly be useful or even necessary, so keep those cameras rolling everyone!

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