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Videos and movies are a major source of entertainment.

Many people born in in the late 1970's and beyond probably don't remember the days when if you wanted to watch a movie you actually had to go to the cinema or wait what could be a long time for it to show up on television. People born in the era when VHS and Beta video recorders became popular would find it hard to believe that there was a time when you couldn't rent or buy your favourite movie to enjoy watching it at home whenever you wished. Now, the emergence of DVD's and upgraded DVD players such as blu-ray discs, as well as computers, have made it so future generations will likely not even know what a VHS recorder even is.

Videos have changed the whole entertainment industry and even the promotion of movies in general. There are movies made now that never even play in the cinema and you can only buy on DVD. There are also movies now that go "straight to DVD" upon their release of being played in the cinema.

Not only are movies more available than ever before at wherever someone goes to shop, but you can now even buy, rent, or even watch them right on your computer. Videos are one of the most popular time consuming activities on the internet. Now not only can you find your favourite movie, but with the emergence of Youtube and other similar websites, you can find videos on anything that might interest you. Training for specific tasks, guitar lessons, your favourite TV shows, cooking, humorous personal events, or anything your mind can imagine are now available at the click of a mouse on your home computer.

It's hard to imagine that a couple of decades ago that you couldn't just go to your computer and have your choice of movies to rent or buy or even just watch within minutes, or even seconds. Videos are now a major entertainment source for many households across the world. Even classic movies that were made both before and after the 1960's are now available on video both in stores and online.

Videos have come a long way since the VHS/Beta recorders were introduced in the latter part of the 1970's. What is still intriguing is that people still frequent the cinema even with the emergence of the new video technologies. It seems that whatever the medium is, be it the cinema, DVD's, or computers, movies will always be a major source of entertainment for all.

Videos - probably the largest choice of Videos in the UK!

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