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 Dreams of your ideal vacation probably donít include other peopleís screaming children, very little privacy, and small rooms that donít allow you enough space to stretch out. Would you like a vacation that feels like a home away from home? A place where you and your family can still cook and eat meals together or sprawl out in the living room while watching television. Then on your next vacation, instead of booking a cramped hotel room, reserve a villa in one of the fabulous locations you have always wanted to visit. Originally designed as a country house for the Roman elite, the villa has evolved into a comforting vacation get away.

Villas have always been used as a place of rest and relaxation. In early Roman times, the villa rustica was a farm-house estate that the owners occupied seasonally. For a brief period in post-Roman times, English nobility donated several villas to individual monks. The resulting monasteries were contained self-sustaining villages. By the late 14th and 15th century, the term villa was again used to describe seasonal homes used by influential families as seats of power. After World War I, in Britain the terms villa and bungalow became synonymous and referred to large free-standing suburban homes surrounded by landscaped ground. In modern times, the villa refers to luxury vacation homes usually available for rent.

Villa rentals are available in some of the most exotic vacation destinations around the world. If swimming in unadulterated crystal clear blue waters, exploring massive caves, and dining on sumptuous seafood while drinking local wine are your idea of a good time then a vacation in Algarve, Portugal is just what the doctor ordered. Considered the playground of the British, Algarve villas rival the luxury of ancient Roman ones where villa owners maintained their own vineyards on the property and pressed their own olive oil. Villa rentals in Algarve put tourists right in the heart of the action. A few short feet from any Algarve villa, tourists will experience white sandy beaches, luscious vineyards, and breathtaking mountain views.
Italian villas, renowned for their infinite beauty and historical architectural detail, give tourists an exciting and restful vacation location. If shopping for designer brands, touring grand museums, and feasting on sumptuous pasta dishes are more your style then an Italian vacation will thrill you. Take a gondola ride, shop for Hermesí and Prada, and return home for a restful evening on the lanai of your rental villa.

With the restful splendour a rental vacation villa provides, you may find it hard to return home.

Villas - probably the largest choice of Villas in the UK!

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