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Winter Sports Insurance

Winter sports like ice hockey, ice skating, snow boarding and especially skiing carry a higher incidence of accident and injury than most other sports. When you get injured it can put you out for days, weeks or, in the worst cases, months at a time. This can quickly jeopardize your family, finances and livelihood. With sports insurance - specifically winter sports insurance - you have a safety net behind you in case something happens.

It is especially important to consider purchasing winter sports insurance for holidays since the E111 European Health Insurance gives limited coverage, works only in a limited group of countries and, if you are on holiday in a country that is not covered, an accident could be incredibly expensive.

Most basic winter sports insurance packages include coverage of a portion of medical bills, coverage of lost ski passes and broken equipment. Your coverage should include preparation for the worst case scenario - if you need to be airlifted off a mountain and hospitalized, or a mountain rescue crew needs to be deployed to find you. Without insurance, costs like these can rapidly skyrocket. Expanded coverage often provides insurance for delayed or cancelled travel, coverage of associated legal fees and costs associated with injuring a third party.

It is not pleasant to think about the worst case scenario when it comes to these sports which are meant to be fun and exhilarating, but, for the sake of yourself and your family - not to mention, your bank account - purchasing some winter sports insurance coverage is the wise thing to do.

There are numerous online and high street insurance brokers who can give you great coverage for just a few pounds a month. Recommended insurance agents include buying from the Post Office, Complete Ski,,, AA Travel Insurance,, Sports Cover Direct and through your local travel agent. Of course, there is a vast range of insurance providers on the market and there are many different kinds of policies. Be sure to shop around, look for the best policy for you and your family and get the coverage you need.

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