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Choosing and setting up a workstation in a domestic or home office environment should be a relatively simple matter and picking the right one would normally be a matter of selecting a comfortable system that fitted in with the design or decor of the room in which it was to be situated. In an office or commercial setting however it is a far more complex matter because the computer systems in use may be much larger and more intricate and standard ones, they would probably all have to be interlinked into a local area network and decisions will have to be made about the design and layout of the workstations so as to facilitate the normal flow of a working environment.

To add to the complexity; workstations may be chosen for their purely practical value, but if they are in a situation which is highly visible to customers or other business contacts it may be necessary for them to have a decorative function too. In many offices both of these functions have to be considered. This could well necessitate the services of a professional interior designer who would plan the system not only to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also to make maximum use of expensive office space.

Design of the workstations themselves are often dependent upon individual taste but it has to be borne in mind that computer systems are very changeable beasts; we may well need to add peripherals such as scanners, printers, extra data storage facilities, uninterruptible power supplies; the list goes on and one of the major problems with peripherals is that they are often of wildly differing sizes and shapes and many is the time that the choice of a particular printer, for instance, has hinged upon the dimensions of the available ones rather than their suitability for the task so it is important that whatever workstation is chosen that there is considerable versatility in the layout.

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